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Corporate Tax and Financial Planning:

We live in an era of tax. Many people agree to get a fair share of the tax load. However, not everyone can afford to pay more that is legally required. Effective tax planning to reduce total taxes is the foundation of our relationship with every client.

Everything that’s done in the business world has tax repercussions. We can guide you through corporate tax. We can assist you in anticipating transactions that cause unnecessary taxation of your business or personal assets, and help you prepare your corporate tax return to ensure you pay little tax amount. We are committed to providing an effective plan for your financial needs.

When filing a corporate tax return, we help you by:

  • Maximizing deductions such as specialized equipment
  • Keeping comprehensive records to avoid audits
  • Assistance in CRA audits
  • Identifying all available credits
  • Payroll tax preparations
  • T4 preparations
  • T4 summary preparations
  • Records of employment preparation
  • Payroll reports
  • ​CPP, EI, WSIB, EHT & Tax

Personal Tax Planning:

At Rakesh Professional Corporation, we help individuals with their tax planning and wealth management. We provide insights on your taxable income, take care of the documents that you receive from CRA and also take care of the audits. We offer the following services to individuals in personal tax preparation and filing:

  • Personal tax return T1
  • Personal tax planning for individuals and family
  • Assistance in CRA audits
  • Wealth management 


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