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Startup Consulting Services:

Rakesh Professional Corporation is a professional startup consulting firm committed to the field of business planning and startup consulting. We are professional startup consultants supporting startups with business advisory & planning, establishing contacts with investors and helping them build connections with like-minded and related startups. We work with entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners with strategic recommendations and valuable industry insights, which help them achieve sustainable growth. For many years, we have partnered with global businesses through our consulting services for startups. Our startup consulting services includes:

  • Business planning and advisory; system development & re-engineering
  • Loans & Finances (Local currency loans, foreign loans, ECB, private equity and investments)
  • Technology tie-ups, Joint ventures
  • International taxation, tax planning, and cross border trade
  • Advising local and foreign companies on global expansion (advising on immigration, our immigration lawyers help our clients to relocate themselves or their employees to/from Canada)
  • BPO & KPO expansion of branches in Canada
  • Mergers & acquisitions; expansions & restructuring
  • Infrastructure & real estate consulting for startups
  • Listing companies on global stock exchange
  • Business plans, project reports & tie-ups with international consultants and institutions

We offer advice to the clients on which of the businesses are profitable for startups and acquisitions. We work with many industries such as retail, manufacturing, food service, hospitality, trading, IT, mining and energy. The following are the list of specialized services that we offer to make the startups grow and succeed:

Startup Loans/Startup Financing: We collaborate with loan origination teams within acquisition finance, project finance, shipping finance, and corporate loan origination to meet the market needs of our corporate clients.​ We also support the entire process of PE funding to the raising of the same to the best terms for the company.

Foreign Acquisitions & Mergers: We find business potential overseas and provide you investment or acquisition opportunities. These opportunities consist of medium and small businesses, manufacturing, trading, mining, real estate, and service industries.

Business Immigration: We also offer business immigration services to our clients who want to expand their business in Canada. Any of our clients from the USA, Europe, and India, planning to set up their branches or start their own business in Canada, can avail of our immigration services. Our services include finding your eligibility and filing for various categories of business visas (investor visa, entrepreneur visa, self-employed visa for all provinces and federal), transfer of your employees on work visas and business visitor visas.


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